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Our Vision

Laufer group strives to be a global, leading and innovative group in Aviation and Tourism Services.

The group is solid and robust and seek the best interests of its employees, customers and stakeholders.

It provides each one of them with added value, every single day.

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Who we are?

Laufer group was established in 2007, as a result of a merger between Laufer Aviation and GHI (Ground Handling Israel). The merger gave Laufer group stability and operational power, as well as providing the company with extensive service capabilities for a wide variety of airlines and private entities.

Laufer group is the leading Israeli aircraft ground handling service provider for airlines and VIP services, for both businesses and individuals.

The company serves 6,000,000 passengers and 26,000 flights annually, operating in every one of Israel’s international airports.

Laufer Group fully committed to provide its services impeccably to each and every customer. As a significant link in its customer value chain, the company operates with complete transparency and in accordance with each customer’s values and priorities, thus ensuring substantial benefits. Laufer group is supported by decades of experience in the aviation and VIP service fields, bold working liaisons with government agencies, expert knowledge and technical proficiencies, operational flexibility and exceptional human resource quality, carefully selected by the company following a thorough examination process.

Laufer Aviation-GHI is a longstanding member of the IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC) and full member of ASA – Airport Services Association. – trade association for the independent Ground and Air Cargo Handling Industry.


Moshe Stav


Yoav Oren


Racheli Oz

COO & Deputy CEO

Michal Bar


Dan Behar

VP Commercial

Sharon El-Al

VP Human Resources

Yaniv Erlich

Senior Manager Executive Flights

Yuval Dekel

VP VIP division

Where it all began

Laufer Aviation was founded in 1975 by Menachem Laufer and became an Israeli pioneer as the first private company to provide ground handling services in Israel.

During its first year, Laufer Aviation was made up of seven employees and served 200 flights. Over the following three decades, Laufer Aviation grew from a small, proud, family business to a well-established leader, renowned in the industry for its professionalism and high quality.

GHI was founded in 1996 as a joint venture between the leading international ground handling service company, GlobeGround International (which was owned by Lufthansa Airlines at the time) and MAMAN Group.

GHI has embraced GlobalGround’s comprehensive customer service standards and has established a reputation as a reliable provider of quality ground handling services, aircraft ground handling services and cargo ramp services, making the company a solidified leader in the field.

Our Values

Laufer Aviation-GHI has established six fundamental principles which outline our company values.
The company instills these values in the employees, forming the basis for the high quality service provided to its customers.

We aim to be unique and to provide "above and beyond" to our employees and customers so that we will be the first choice for them.
Team Work
Our employees and customers are the key of the company's success. We act fairly while providing personal treatment, creating commitment, caring, empathy and "unit pride"
We work with openness, mutual respect, honesty and responsibility while constantly working to achieve our goals and satisfaction of our employees and customers
The sum of our action, human capital and organizational culture will be for our employees and customers: home, family, friends!
Together, in teamwork, we work as one body in constant action for a common goal, to achieve the company's goals and maintain its strength.
We encourage creative and inquisitive thinking while mutually fertilizing and using supportive tools and advanced systems, to improve existing areas of activity and to create new and diverse areas.