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random people on the streets of Israel may be shocked to find out that they have their own air ambulance service. this country does not exactly seem like a place capable of providing emergency medical services in the sky, but that is what the Laufer group provide since 2007.


What is Air Ambulance?

An air ambulance is an aircraft equipped to transport sick or injured people. Generally, the patient’s transportation takes place during interfacility transfer, which implies that the journey starts at a hospital in one town and ends at another medical facility within the same city or region. If needed, Air Ambulance can also be used to transport organs for organ transplantation.

The aircraft used as an air ambulance is a compromise between medical requirements and the need for a sufficiently large transport capacity. The main requirements concern the area of ​​the patient compartment, cabin space and cargo hold volume, which is related to the size of stretchers, cabinets, and other equipment.


History of Air Ambulance

The use of aircraft as ambulances has a long history. after the end of World War I, the first recorded attempts to use aircraft as ambulances for battlefield evacuation and rescue during and after World War II were made by several countries including France, Germany, and the United States.


Laufer Group Air Ambulance Israel

Founded in 2007, Laufer Aviation has been the leader in domestic and international medical evacuation flights for civilians and governments. Laufer Jet is an independent entity that does not own aircraft. This fact allows us to choose for you in a completely objective way, a plane that best suits your needs from a wide range of rental executive planes parked at the airport at any given moment-depending on your flight destination, a number of passengers accompanying you, level of equipment and unique air ambulance flight needs.


How far can an air ambulance fly?

Faster planes can fly farther. Your medical team will choose the best route for your situation, which could involve multiple stops depending on your diagnosis, how stable you are, and travel times.

Can air ambulance fly at night?

Yes. Air ambulances can fly at night hours as well.

What is the size of an air ambulance?

The aircraft used as an air ambulance should not be too large or heavy because they need to land on public roads and in clearings, which requires a great deal of flexibility with regard to weight and dimensions. For this reason, most air ambulance helicopters are quite small. Also, the larger the cabin of an aircraft is, the more people can be treated onboard.

How much does air ambulance cost?

The cost of flying by helicopter or jet depends on the country in which you are located, distance traveled, flight time, weather conditions, and other factors. To do this you need to contact us so our representative can offer the best possible solution for your situation.

What are some pros and cons of Air ambulances?

Air ambulance provides a reliable and fast way to get a patient from point A to point B. But the high costs involved might be an obstacle for some people, who have no insurance or health insurance policy. Contact us if you have any questions about the cost of transportation by air ambulance.

How to book air ambulance?

For any questions or to make a booking request with our team, please contact us at +972-52-356-1235. We will be happy to assist you.

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