Citation XLS Private Jet

Citation XLS Private Jet

Citation XLS private jets are very versatile. Their speed and ability to travel great distances make Citation XLS Private jets great for business purposes.

Citation XLS has the capability of reaching 4,000 nautical miles while carrying eight passengers. Citation XLS Private jet can reach speeds up to 575 mph while cruising at 45,000 ft.

Citation XLS jets are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and can fly under any weather conditions. The Citation XLS is also considered to be one of the safest jets in its class, equipped with highly advanced avionics systems which allow the Citation XLS to reach their destinations safely even in poor weather conditions.

Citation XLS Private jets are great for business purposes since they can fly directly into small airports which allows them to reduce the time on trips.

Citation XLS Private jets are often considered for transportation of high valued clients because they are safe and reliable.

The Citation XLS also provides a very comfortable ride for its passengers, equipped with leather seats, high-definition monitors, and surround sound systems.

The Citation XLS Private jets come in different models including Citation XLS+, Citation Excel and, Citation Sovereign.

Laufer Jet’s private flights

Laufer Jet’s private flights give you a shell of benefits on the ground and high in the air!

Laufer Jet is an independent entity that does not own aircraft. This fact allows us to choose for you in a completely objective way, a private plane that best suits your needs from a wide range of rental executive planes parked at the airport at any given moment – depending on your flight destination, a number of passengers accompanying you, level of equipment and unique flight needs.

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