Laufer Jet,
Above and beyond.

Laufer Jet's private flights give you a shell of benefits on the ground and high in the air.

Laufer Jet is an independent entity that does not own aircrafts.
This fact allows us to choose for you in a completely objective way, a plane that best suits your
needs from a wide range of rental executive planes parked at the airport at any given
moment-depending on your flight destination, number of passengers accompanying you,
level of equipment and unique flight needs

Stratigic Location In The Center Of TLV Airport

Laufer Jet’s strategic positioning in the heart of Ben Gurion Airport, its deep familiarity with Air Taxi companies operating in Israel and around the world and the extensive working relationships it has created during its 43 years of operation in ground handling services for commertial flights, executive flights and concierge services, are significant benefits for you.

Cost-Effective And Efficiancy In Flight Times

The vast experience we bring with us, combined with technological tools, allow us to locate an empty plane (Empty Leg) in a variety of points in the world, so we can be more efficient for you in terms of price and flight times

The Most Experienced Company In Israel

Laufer Jet brand of Laufer Aviation GHI – the oldest and leading ground handling and VIP Meet & Greet services company in Israel since 1978, is the only company that offers you a comprehensive and unique service package, which combines private aircraft rental services with a set of professional, concierge and ground handling services. Meaning Uncompromised Quality.

Your time is precious

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