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Laufer VIP has an expert knowledge of airport operations and complete commitment to customer satisfaction, Laufer VIP created an exclusive club providing a full range of VIP services at Ben Gurion airport, Eilat and Ovda airports, Jordan border crossing and at airports around the world

Laufer VIP services will make the experience at the airport much more pleasant. A personal steward will accompany you throughout the process at the airport quickly, conveniently and efficiently. The service is provided in hundreds of airports around the world.

VIP service at Ben Gurion Airport

With the Laufer VIP service at the airport, you will enjoy a unique and relaxed service experience, our steward will assist you with luggage and efficient passage at all stations; Security, check-in, hand-check, border control and boarding gate.

Laufer VIP service will allow you to arrive about two hours before departure.

Transportation services in Israel and around the world

We invite you to discover the wide range of our luxury cars, enjoy comfortable and relaxing trip and save precious time. With our VIP transfer services, a driver will wait for you at the designated meeting point, help you with the luggage and bring you to your destination safely.

Our transfer services are available in thousands of destinations around the world in all types of vehicles, private luxury cars, vans and minibuses.

Private terminal and lounges

With Laufer’s VIP services you can enjoy a variety of services: accommodation in a private terminal where all the necessary processes are performed by us while you sit and enjoy light refreshments, accommodation in luxury lounges around the world, accommodation in bedrooms and private rooms within the private terminal.

* Services are subject to availability at the relevant airport.

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With Laufer's VIP services you can go through the process at the airport with maximum efficiency, while our agent will help with the whole process, luggage and even with the little ones on the way.
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With Laufer VIP you can be sure your guest will receive top airport experience, our agent will meet your guest at the exit of the plane's sleeve, we will provide a warm welcome and assist in the entire process of entering Israel.
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Foreign Languages
Our VIP agents speaks a variety of languages ​​and serves as a bridge between cultures, assisting with language difficulties between clients and different authorities. The main languages ​​are English and Russian but additional languages ​​can be provided upon request and availability.
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Third Age
Our agents will take care to your loved ones, with us the process at the airport will be efficient and hassle free.
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