Time Critical Deliveries

Time-critical deliveries are used when the item delivered must rich its destiny fast, with no stopping in the way, like in the case of Organs for transplant, or highly precious artworks.

Time-critical deliveries are also used in case of Life saves, like when Plasma is needed if in short supply.

Items moved in time-critical mode are generally under the direct supervision of armed guards, to make sure no one can tamper with them during transport. But even with these measures thefts may occur, like in the case of Plasma deliveries or blood material.

To avoid such damages, these items are generally transported in special boxes, that can withstand a certain amount of pressure and knocks without damaging the cargo inside. Also, these boxes usually have a specific color to make them even easier to detect among other packages.

Example: Blood/Plasma Transport Boxes for Safe Shipping.

Some companies have come with even more measures to avoid theft, for example, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which is known to have used an anti-theft tag made by Güralp Systems. The company coined the technology as ThreatTrack Security. This system detects if anyone touches the package without authorization and sends a low-energy radio frequency signal to a central server that activates a tracking process.

In this way whoever tries to tamper with the package, the system will send the information about it immediately, so police can catch them red-handed.

Also if someone opens the box without authorization, an alarm goes off.


Which transport is the best option for time-sensitive cargo?

The best option for time-sensitive cargo is always to transport it by air, as no other means of transport can match the speed and efficiency of airplanes. This way even lifesaving deliveries like Plasma or Blood material can arrive in time and still be fresh and usable.

Also transporting such valuable items by airplane is not just fast, but really safe too.



What kind of security measures may be in place in time-critical deliveries?

Time-critical deliveries usually have armed guards over them to make sure no one tries to steal the items. Moreover, these guards often have a device to make sure if any tampering happens in transit.

What kind of tracking systems do time-critical deliveries use?

These types of shipments usually get their own shipment number, which is used to track them all over the way and check where they are.

What are the pros of using time-critical deliveries?

Time-critical deliveries are the fastest way to transport items, also they are very safe due to armed police supervision. This way no one risks their safety transporting these types of cargo.

When might be a time-critical delivery sent?

This type of delivery is mostly used for lifesaving cargo like Plasma, Blood Material, and many more.

Where do time-critical deliveries usually go?

This type of delivery is not just common in the health sector, but also in the Art sector, where many precious works must be transferred with no interruptions.

What are important tips to know about time-critical deliveries?

To transport such important cargo is always a risky task, so it is better to be extra careful and use all available security measures. Also, it is recommended to hire an experienced and professional transportation company that has the knowledge and experience needed for this type of job.

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